Friday, February 21, 2020

Utopian Solitude in an Insecure Society

Developed in 2014, this article gives some insight into an understanding of life within the confines of society we are involved in, and why many feel there is something missing - because there is. It is just the majority are not taught there is an alternative. This state of Self in our society is know as a 'paradigm.' It is not questioned, as the belief is, it is not meant to be questioned. 

As time progressed, this knowledge developed, and formulated into more articles, eventuating into videos, with an even more holistic outcome - now known as Mitchell Zen.

(* Word/Phrases meanings at the end of this article)

We live our lives according to what we believed was true. What we see and what we have been taught. Schooling, education, marriage, children, home. This life, we are told, will give us the fruits of life if we follow a particular pathway. Until eventually it becomes more complex. It's not all that easy. But why? Shouldn’t life be different? Why should we struggle mentally? Why do we look for more?

Within us all is the innate desire for a utopian existence. It is idealistically searched for within us. However, what actually happens during this search is society gradually changes and shapes us, according to the societal doctrine (societies set of beliefs), without anyone noticing. As this occurs over years of programming. Also, today life has become more complex and insecure. This is what has happened in Australian society during the last 40 years. How can we find our 'true-inner' life amidst the society we grew up with? Rather than the pseudo-realism life that has been bestowed on us.

I started to ask questions many years ago. I felt something just wasn’t right. People around me didn’t want to hear as they were living their own idealistic lives, struggling to survive and unconsciously following the societal pseudo-realism (not genuine) life. “Why question?” “Life is like this.” “Why make it more difficult?” They asked. And there was the answer – they didn’t want to know! It was too difficult to ask questions and to think about the unknown. It was uncomfortable to step outside their box of beliefs, yet they continue to search for something in life; their happiness not quite complete.

This article advocates a re-consideration of your life: thinking, perceptions, ideology (a system of ideas), reactions, likes, dislikes, employment, stringent views and all facets of your present life. In the last 40 years, life in Australia has changed. It has been a gradual change where life today is not economically, nor mentally secure. It now requires a new way of thinking for the future, and ourselves, to have mental and economic sustainability. It requires a personal assertiveness to stop thinking restrictively, and even subjectively: to question. Forgetting present ideals and see our society truthfully, through our eyes as an observer, and in turn observe ourselves, and ask “Why?” To find our ‘true-selves’, rather than what has been taught or programmed within us.

Without the question Why?” there will be no change for personal harmony, but rather, continued reactions in our society of economic insecurity, leading to continuing mental health dysfunctions – a hidden reality. Ask yourself today: “Are you really happy inside?” "Do you feel something isn't quite right?" It takes courage to ask yourself this question, and even more courage to find the answers.

“The greatest challenge for man/woman is to see what life really is rather than believe what is seen. Believing without question is subservience, whilst questioning is free will, leading to personal liberty and autonomy.” Mitchell Zen

Many years ago Australia people were content with less. With less there were no expectations, and with fewer expectations, there was less thinking on looking for more, because more was not easily obtainable. Content to have a roof over their heads, food on the table, school, and knowing at the end of school everyone had a job. There was security, a future and a purpose.

Today the stress of living in an unstable financial and employment environment, with increasing casual and part-time employment, has bred financial insecurity, stress, a range of mental health conditions including depression and anxiety. Today we are also bombarded with unlimited choices, and entertainment, causing a feeling of disempowering expectations and a need for more - unrealistic expectations. Analytic thinking has been replaced with reactions and addictions. Now is the time to s.t.o.p.a.n.d.t.h.i.n.k and consider these aspects.

People are continually striving to be perpetually ahead of themselves, ever trying to get somewhere in life to satisfy an insatiable desire. But what is the desire? Constantly being in-touch with restricted perceptions of an external reality and in turn shaping their natural divinity into a lost soul. A life of always wanting something else, and when acquired, immediately think of the next journey! 

A decision that is not enjoyed and relaxed with in quiet times, but rather, with so much choice, questioned whether the decision is right, or wrong, reaching beyond choice, leading to an unknown destination.

A fleeting moment becomes an escapism endeavour, ever seeking the next fleeting moment to escape from an unconscious addiction of acquisitions – seeking happiness through materialism, entertainment and external stimuli. The instant gratification to fill a void; where the void will never be filled by external excitement.

With unlimited entertainment available at finger tips, creative spirits have been transformed into reactions, ever seeking the next high of emotional enjoyment which feeds this cycle of stimuli. Leading to a feeling of ‘un-belonging’, a loss within self in a society where individualism has replaced belonging to inner self and a community of inclusion.

Mans main aim must consist of fulfilling a meaning, and seek this meaning through personal, peaceful & natural inner self, via solitude, reflection & questioning - to gain a balance and autonomy over life. Rather than the disempowering materialism.

Experiencing natural solitude leads to well-being and a depth of inner awareness, creating homeostasis (a stable equilibrium) - the freedom of feeling true personal liberty – where silence and solitude are the true purifying components. Are you able to sit in solitude with self, with nature, with no-one but yourself, and think about your life, your thoughts, your feelings, your addictions? Are you able to question yourself in these surroundings? Being brave leads to personal autonomy. 

Personal liberty can be obtained by questioning and viewing outside our present personal holographic world (created in one’s own mind). Leaving the illusionary ideology environment of life we have become accustomed to.

“Man everywhere is dangerously unaware of himself.” (Carl Jung)

To experience ‘Narrow Escapism Syndrome’ you may be tempted, at this point, to switch off and click elsewhere. The gratification, for many, of 30 seconds reading within this fleeting moment is replaced (via a reactive annoyance) with another click, searching another fleeting gratification moment to seek attachment, and knowledge: the knowledge to know how to seek a personal sense of belonging. And, unfortunately for many, expected to achieve it in 30 seconds!

Many years ago I would have switched off at this point also - perpetually involved in what I believed was right: the social paradigm. (A social paradigm is the unconscious belief system of our culture. Like what we see in Australian society. A paradigm is never called into question because nobody thinks about it. People follow a social paradigm unconsciously, thinking there is nothing else). 

With this unconscious lack of pause, question, consideration and thought, intermittent anxiety neuron activity, subjective perceptions have all dictated an illusion of no time, nor intent, to diverge into logical or inner critical thinking or questioning these present realities! Continuously creating unconscious reactions, gathered together over many years, and stored in the limbic portion of our brain we become seekers looking for instant personal inner approval in a society of self-idealism, rather than consider the ramifications of these addictive emotions! "We don't think about how we think." Which would isolate reactions into a more sustainable and lasting balanced spirit for the future - benefiting greatly own personal inner peace and establishing a more cohesive self and, in turn, a community of well-being in the future.

"We really know nothing about the nature of man, and unless we hurry to get to know ourselves we are in dangerous trouble” (Laurens van der Post, Carl Jung)

Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. It can be thought of as a disease or biological process leading to such behaviours. The two properties that characterize all addictive stimuli are that they are (positively) reinforcing. (i.e., they increase the likelihood that a person will seek repeated exposure to them) and intrinsically rewarding (i.e., they activate the brain's 'reward pathways', and are therefore perceived as being something positive or desirable).

Addiction is fed by feverish fast internet connection, media advertising and entertainment, regurgitating the visual reasons for personal happiness, yet never providing sustainable satisfaction. In the materialistic arena exclaiming: “Purchases of materialistic accumulations is the answer for your happiness!” Unfortunately they only create a sense of need, envy and personal inadequacy (and later loss) in a life that is not filling expectations of self and society as a whole. “Buy this and your unhappiness will disappear!” However, it never leads to happiness. Only creating more anxious moments of repetitive needs that reach out to even more needs of acquiring excesses – to fill a void of an empty soul: that innately looks for a metaphysical belonging with self, rather than external objects.*(1)

There is no consideration for the benefits to promote patience, and peace, of being in the moment – solitude - that would eventually end the anxiety of expectations. It is an addiction within a crinkled way of life and like all addictions: becoming worse the longer it continues to be fed, intermixing itself within the body’s cellular formations, changing personalities, precluding sublimity. * (2)

The joys of attempting to find peace within these staggered and frantic intermittencies of life is always followed by a sense of fatalism with an exclamation of: “What else?”

Our society has become superficial, competitive, selfish and aggressive, living with an escapist-existence-facade within their own ideology, while our natural ideals of life are indisputably: selflessness, love, compassion, empathy and belonging - not soul-destroying provocative social conditions. 

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking.” (Einstein) 

"The answer is to find ourselves under the veneer of life created out of turmoil, to find a more harmonious future for self and social well-being."

Working harder, striving more, and struggling to establish individual identities and personal securities in a society that expels repetitive expectations, leads to feelings of insecurity, fatigue and loss of self. Ever striving to keep up with the dilemmas of job insecurity (with ever more casual and part-time employment) forces an insecurity within personal lives that provides a never ending cycle of debilitating emotions - affecting body and mind to the point of exhaustion - leaving nothing to enjoy within a moment of rest. 

A stress void haplessly captured, unable to rationalize, in a society of competitive survival, wants and expectations. Television and media advertising aggrandises personal saviour, attempting to relieve society of their dilemma, and stress, via purchases. However, there is no economic possibility under these conditions. Advertising creates a feeling of misplacement within unrealistic high expectations – and where only personal epistemology will be the impetus for existentialism.*(3)

The road leading to self-actualisation can only be obtained through quiet eloquent solitude, manifesting an awareness of truth around one’s surroundings, and creating our own virtuous exemplary affinity, to provide a security of awareness and altruism leading to our own transcendentalism.*(4) We must find our true self to understand our true surroundings.

“The time is past for help which is only a Band-Aid. It is time for radical thinking and for a solution on the grand scale.” (Reflections for The Age, ed. J. Minchin & B. Porter, 1991)

Society prides itself on being democratic, trying constantly to re-assure us and re-enforce the democratic process is paramount to our survival. Yet individual members of our governments continually fight to obtain, and justify, their own personal sovereignty over and above the majority elected democratic processes. Minority political parties, democratically un-elected, struggle to gain superiority over an issue that seeks their own superiority and validity, without any consideration to the democratic process of majority dominion. Their self-importance narcissism confidently exclaiming, through media processes, that they are saving society from extermination, when democratically the majority of our society has already voted them to the sidelines of mediocrity. 

Democracy is now a chaotic manipulative process, where opposition-ism has fragmented the principles of a democracy that was originally defined to achieve a structure of personal liberty. It has been lost to holographic-individualism *(5) that threatens the community processes and leads us to any number of choices, and when decided, change again towards sectionalized confusion that continues to threaten any sustainability coherence and security for the future of self and society. Opportunism dictates the reality, a superficial reality, and the reality becomes illusionary confined, and institutionalized, within societies need for daily personal gratifications. Gratification, entertainment, purchases, needs that provide the only daily relief from this chaotic opportunism society finds themselves in. What we see is a confusing interpretation of the truth with no relativism.*(6)

These offensive actions are a reality in Australian politics. A majority rule is now considered objectionable, becoming an individual’s right to question the democratic process, and stage a crusade against the majority rule. Hate campaigns in social media are set up to undermine credibility even if the credibility, and decisions made, are advantageous to Australia’s future success. There is no critical analysis, only negative austere renunciation.*(7) New beginnings are blocked by divisions and dissection causes unease - in a society that desperately wants belonging, security and coherence.

“From everything I’ve seen, people really urgently want the kind of new beginning that I am talking about, where humans will live in cooperation instead of competition.” (New Age Aug. 1982).

This fractured societal structure has dismantled our own personal autonomy, producing a society of individualists, all struggling to survive in a world where community belonging has been replaced with individualistic survival. Where no-one has control over their personal destiny, but rather, have been led into a subservient lifestyle, twisted around the ideals of each financial co-corporations profit agenda, economic political party ideology, or non-elected, that should protect our democratic right, but rather, has provided an insecurity economic existence that ratifies no sustainable doctrine for future personal security and well-being. 

Each corporation structure is jockeying to control their own destiny and sovereignty within personal palates of self-interest that inevitably breakdown the meaning of personal freedom they hypocritically base their idealism on. With this chaotic dogma we are left with an analogy of inconstancy where self-actualizing will be questioned and will become a DSM mental health issue, precluding any sublime truth that can only lead to illusionary exculpation.*(8)

Security and well-being can only be achieved through the dual aspects of human happiness and financial well-being, satisfying society’s need for both autonomy and interdependency. Yet society is faced with (1) part-time employment (due to off shore outsourcing/employment), and (2) increasing living expenses; creating a lack of freedom and an insecure social structure, leading to social unrest, disharmony and mental health problems.
“The overwhelming impression is of order in the universe and that behind everything is an order.” (Stephen Hawking/Albert Einstein) 

Hawking and Einstein epitomise our natural order. Leaders and financial co-operations have subjectively economised order.

A society taught, led (and forced) to persistently keep busy, ever seeking more, and competitively striving for their own security and freedom (unwittingly unconscious within their own reality) and never bothering to ask the question: “Why should we be busy, why should we want more, what am I seeking, why am I like this?”…..and preferable ask themselves: “I need to question, I need to ask myself.” This would relieve the continually unsatisfied void after repetitive accumulation; appease the excitement and gratification; alleviate the searching and expectations (delivered in a thousandth of a second) and thus avoid the agitation of negative anxiety - Considering 1 in 4 are prescribed depressive/anxiety medications.

The path towards solitude homeostasis alternatives is more desirable and sustainable for personal future well-being, rather than the current transgression that creates cultural dementia (memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning).

“The active striving of living matter towards order, of a drive towards synthesis, towards growth, towards wholeness, and that this “innate drive” derives from the “integrative tendency”. The overall purpose or meaning of existence is the ordering or integration of matter.” (Koestler)

Truth has been replaced with believing (unconsciously) what is seen and read is truth - no questions asked. A belief that is visually interpreted as truth. Creating a personal narrow observer reality with no relevance anymore to the actualities of truth. An insufficient truth acknowledged with spontaneous unthinkable and unconscious reactions, developing life into an epidemic of personal misfortunes.

Never knowing what to believe; where the truth (via visual and print media) is being manipulated and bent to accommodate other individualistic perceptions to achieve personal goals, and gain this notoriety from a society that is desperately looking for contentment and belonging. It follows a parallel universe existence associated with belonging at a cyber-distance, to fill a void of personal non-belonging which unconsciously leads to agitated psychosomatic psychosis, or anxiety psychosis. (Disrupted Mind/Body communication creating a mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality).

But what does this all mean? Unless we step outside our own holographic world (created within our own mind) and question the ‘(un)truth’ that is placed before us, there will be no relief from the repetitive anxious reactions suffered by man/woman, that the external societal environment programmes each member on a daily basis.

Culture has been replaced by satire, producing fractured idealism, which leads towards the hypocrisy of superiority, bringing aspirations in conflict with expectations and creating divisions within personal independence. The struggle to find personal independence within an insecure monetary employment structure, and balance this with personal contentment within our environment, has produced an inferiority existence in a world that dictates utopianism through: retail materialism, instant gratification and unlimited entertainment choices. Rather than a sustainable favourable mental health future through holistic, metaphysical and spiritual teachings of well-being.

Materialism is riddled with hypocrisy, ever striving in its own belief to rid society of its depressive inferiority through acquisition; while statistically feeding a multitude of depressive illnesses, creating personal paralysis that essentially deprives society of personal well-being and independence. Materialism has become fickle fiction in a world where non-fiction is fundamentally a desirement for truth to surface. The awareness truth would build harmonious personal co-existence and establish coherence within personal mental health which would benefit everyone. Not competitiveness, nor opposition-ism and neither, idealism prophets. As they are all cultivated from selfish individualism. 

Subtle solitude inner observations would create questions from the present irresponsibility and, in turn, improve self and communities as a whole. Solitude provides the tools towards ‘observation’ and ‘observation’ can change personal perceptions towards a more peaceful life – stepping outside the rigid square of self. 

** All reality is observer created and by questioning personal realities, a more profound reality appears, creating a paradigm shift. Paradigm shifts occur via quiet solitude – over time - and letting inner consciousness thoughts develop without conscious effort. Questioning own perceptions under these conditions causes electron energy within our cells to create a deeper awareness reality.

Historically, statistical and analytically it shows the future, (the next generation) as: Casual & part-time employed workers working an average of 15-20 hours per week (or less). This statistical truth is contorted even more to accommodate un-truth idealism:  1 hour a week is analytically classified as ‘employed.’ With overseas outsourcing reducing the number of Australian industries, (because of lower wages in these less developed countries), Australia's next generation will predominantly be employed part-time.

Have parents considered this future if they decide to have a child today? Have they considered how the child will support themselves and their mental health? Not really, as critical thinking has been replaced with daily survival, self interest, and hope. Hope is related to illusion and illusion has no credibility within a structured monetary society for daily mental health.

"Creating an esoteric archetype in a society painted with misguided subjectivity".  

In the context of individualism and self-gratification, governments and financial institutions favour this escapism. Tenuously painted in society as abstract reality within non-fiction, but dressed up as illusionary fiction, it appeases constituents from the turmoil of insecurity and lack of liberty, producing interiority with secularism: “Personal self-gratification is tolerated and shrewdly promoted as appreciable and acceptable, because escapism is the illusionary ingredient that hides the truth, creating no means for a belief within the metaphysical structure of personal divinity.”

These effects are pernicious to each individual’s survival and future well-being. Society as a whole should face this conundrum today, as future generations will undoubtedly be faced with this conundrum and dilemma, together with the DSM mental health issues it creates. Consider the future: The majority members of our society employed (or working competitively independently) just 20 hours, or less, per week - faced daily with media advertising of materialistic expectations, stimulating thought patterns for a better life that is unrealistically obtainable – creating instability and a society in turmoil with no understanding of ‘why?’ .... dementia & psychosis.

(Dementia and psychosis: thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality; memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning)

“It takes strength to question self-idealism, as it becomes entrenched and safe within our life; even if our life is stricken with uncertainties, stress and lack of autonomy. Questioning our perceptual idealism frees us towards person liberty and a new life capturing inner happiness – a paradigm shift.”

To enunciate the illusionary doctrine and ideologies presently lived in is through self-actualising – creating an epistemological outlook.*(9) To detach ourselves from causal external stimuli and the personal subjectivity-fatalism it programmes, enables us to enter perichoresis consciousness.*(10)

Solitude is the catalyst that can preclude hard wired beliefs. The dual aspects of solitude/questions renounce ubiquitous societal structures, where relativism will provide civility to subserve a more harmonious society.*(11)

Solitude and inner observation creates personal growth, understanding and homeostasis (stable body/mind); Intent to ask questions activates the intelligent pre-frontal cortex of the brain for change; Reactions and addictive responses surface from past emotions within the primeval limbic system; Seeking instant gratification stems from a lack of autonomy; Individualism surfaces from survival insecurities; Acquisitions are driven by media and advertising expectations promoted to hide the truth - from a perichoresis *(10) existence which would lead to personal and community equilibrium.

The success of an equal and balanced society is measured by the combination of human happiness and financial well-being and would satisfy society’s need for both autonomy and interdependency, yet reality is the opposite.

Without the dual measures of solitude & questioning, thus producing well-being consistencies, our souls are lost to external social stimuli and the never ending additive negative mental health responses it produces.

It is time to s.t.o.p.a.n.d.t.h.i.n.k.... Learn, construct, and create a new personal future.

Today's society owes it to future generations and change personal perceptions of present society, and in turn, construct new pathways of survival to accommodate our new society in the future. A new paradigm that will compose a new tune for society to embrace with wonderment and pleasure: a new life free of hollow consumerism, individualism and the pressures of expectations; enabling each person to feel their own autonomy and liberty in the present world of idealistic illusionary dogma.

And it all starts with ourselves……what will you do?

(c) Mitchell Zen

We live in a world of instant gratification. There is no time between finding something, doing it, and then moving onto something else. No. one. stops. and. thinks. My articles try to make you stop. and. think. If one has no interest in knowing what a word means where is the reasoning in making our lives more knowledgeable and in turn more fulfilling? 

Words have a power that transmit more meaning. Words can draw pictures of another life behind the word. With each word known we understand a bit more about our life, because the explanatory meaning gives more than the word. The words I have used in this article are challenging for the mind. Yet, trying to understand the words in the context of the narrative does bring more meaning to life; even if you feel at these moments it is difficult or not necessary. 

The meaning of your life may not be from the words I use but rather from another transcendental part of your consciousness evoked by you stopping.and.thinking about the words and meanings.

Try it - S.t.o.p.T.h.i.n.k. and feel what materialises in the mind.

*(1) "To fill a void of an empty soul: that innately looks for a metaphysical belonging with self": 

Innately - Existing naturally or by heredity rather than being learned through experience.
Metaphysical - A traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it. Metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms: What is ultimately there and what is it like.

Another way of saying this would be: "We are able to fill our emptiness by looking within ourselves for our divine self; untouched by society; and therefore find our belonging to self; without the emptiness we originally felt." Try to imagine your being programmed by society to create a societies version of you. You then find another person within yourself.

* (2) "Intermixing itself within the body’s cellular formations, changing personalities, precluding sublimity."

Prevent from happening; make impossible to reach high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth.

Another way of saying this would be: "Intermixing itself within the body's cellular formations, changing our personalities, and preventing ourselves from reaching a higher spiritual and intellectual worth."

*(3)"Where only personal epistemology will be the impetus for existentialism."

Epistemology - (individualists) All knowledge would come from within themselves and they would no longer be subject to outside rule. Epistemology is the study of knowing, the nature of knowledge, how do we know things, what do we know, why we know, is what we know true, and what are the limits of knowledge.

Existentialism - A philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.

Another way of saying this would be: "Where only personal knowledge of ourselves, in the true sense of knowing ourselves; would thus be the start for ourselves to have free will and determine our development towards a more truer self."

*(4) "Creating our own virtuous exemplary affinity, to provide a security of awareness and altruism leading to our own transcendentalism."

Virtuous exemplary affinity - High moral standards serving as a likeable model for a natural liking for and understanding of someone or something.
Altruism - Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.

Transcendentalism - Among the transcendentalists' core beliefs was the inherent goodness of both people and nature. An idealistic philosophical and social movement. Influenced by romanticism, platonism and kantian philosophy, it teaches that divinity pervades all nature and humanity.

Another way of saying this would be: "Creating high moral standards which are a likeable model for all to relate to, giving us security of self to provide unselfish welfare for others, leading to our feeling of divinity of self-worth, our intrinsic being, and our awareness of a deep self."

*(5) "Democracy - No personal liberty - It has been lost to holographic-individualism."

Holographic individualism - A person's life written within one's own perceptions and viewpoints - creating a habit of being restrictively independent within one's own world.

Another way of saying this would be: "Democracy has taken away our personal liberty because the opposition government group manipulates the truth for their own benefit. Creating a society to ventue into their own world to escape, developing their own perceptions and viewpoints, causing a restriction of any logical thinking from the confusion they hear - because there isn't any logic anymore."

*(6)"What we see is a confusing interpretation of the truth with no relativism."

Relativism - The doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context.

Another way of saying this would be: "What we see is a confusing interpretation of the truth with no definitive truth about our culture, society or historical context."

*(7) "There is no critical analysis, only negative austere renunciation."

Austere - Severe or strict in manner or attitude.
Renunciation - The formal rejection of something, typically a belief, claim, or course of action.

Another way of saying this would be: There is no critical analysis, only severe negative attitudes that reject a belief or course of action for any reason." In this context I mean social media does not scrutinize news or statements. They take them at face value as correct without critical analysis.

*(8)"Precluding any sublime truth that can only lead to illusionary exculpation."

Precluding - Prevent from happening.
Sublime - Of very great excellence or beauty.
Illusionary exculpation - "Misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience, to free from blame or guilt; vindicate or exonerate.

Another way of saying this would be: "Preventing the excellence and beauty of truth, leading to misinterpreted perceptions. It creates the illusion of freeing the person from blame and guilt." In the context of the paragraph it means: "Corporation greed and personal self-interests defeat our freedom by the hypocrisy of their ideologies. Society thus becomes chaotic and our inner self is questioned leading to a mental health problem. By preventing the truth, via the chaos, it causes misinterpretations. This illusion creates a perceptual psychosis and for relief society frees themselves from blame. And they aren't to blame - it is the corporations to blame. It is human nature to find relief from adversity.

*(9) "To enunciate the illusionary doctrine and ideologies presently lived in is through self-actualising – creating an epistemological outlook."

Enunciate - Say or pronounce clearly.
Self-actualising - The desire for self-fulfillment, namely the tenedency for the individual to become actualized in what he/she is potentially.

Epistemological - All knowledge would come from within themselves and they would no longer be subject to outside rule.

Another way of saying this would be: "To pronounce clearly the (illusionary) set of beliefs and ideals is via the knowledge and process of self-actualizing. This then creates an awareness of self and not influenced by external beliefs and ideals - that are misinterpreted perceptions."

*(10) "To detach ourselves from causal external stimuli and the personal subjectivity-fatalism it programmes, enables us to enter perichoresis consciousness."

Causal - Relating to or acting as a cause.
Subjectivity-fatalism - Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions and a belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable.
Perichoresis consciousness - A perfectly reciprocal existence.... in the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings through inner Being. (More on Consciousness)

Individualism - Being independent and self-reliant.

Another way of saying this would be: Detach ourselves from the cause of external stimuli and personal feelings and beliefs that derive from this. They are predetermined and inevitable without detachment. By detaching we are able to live within a reciprocal existence with an awareness of one's self and surroundings."

*(11) "The dual aspects of solitude/questions renounce ubiquitous societal structures, where relativism will provide civility to subserve a more harmonious society."

Renounce ubiquitous - Formally declare one's abandonment of a claim, right, the present, appearing or found everywhere.
Relativism - The doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context and are not absolute.

Another way of saying this would be: "The aspects of entering personal solitude enables us to question ourselves leading us to abandon our claim within our present state of society life. We then find a peace and balance within ourselves and society; providing civility to help further a more harmonious society."

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